Hereditary Cancer Testing

خلفية عن التحليل

Hereditary cancer syndrome is the genetic predisposition to certain types of cancers. Patients harboring germline mutations – also known as inherited mutations -are associated with a higher risk of developing certain types of cancers with age. Germline mutations are observed in 5%–10% of all cancers.

For many hereditary cancers, detecting the harmful mutations before the onset of cancer can inform the decision to enter a screening program, resulting in earlier cancer detection at stages more amenable to successful treatment as well as allowing prevention options such as prophylactic surgery. On the other hand, for those already afflicted with cancer, germline testing can help with the selection of targeted therapies. Most importantly, knowledge of an inherited mutation can alert the extended family to their cancer risk.

Many genes that confer a high lifetime risk of specific cancers are now known, and this information can be used to tailor prevention, surveillance, and treatment.

In the past few years, next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology has allowed for the testing of many cancer-related genes simultaneously. At Anwa, we utilize the latest NGS technologies coupled with our robust bioinformatics analysis to offer families with a history of cancer a comprehensive genomic profile to help with cancer prevention for the whole family. Our NGS panel identifies germline mutations in 100 genes that are associated with hereditary cancers.

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